Thursday, May 31, 2007

Turn Offs

Since it's summer, and people are wearing sandals, I thought I'd report another faux pas. Today, in the office, I spied a man broker wearing casual clothes. T-shirt, shorts - OK. Down to the feet, MAN SANDALS - not OK. I suppose flipflops are ok on men, but leather sandals, no. I don't care that they are Prada and cost $300.00. They are ugly. What is also ugly is Teva's on a (man or a woman) especially with socks.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This weekend, Dan and I drove to New York for a get-away and to see our college peeps.
We had a nice time. Although museums make me want to take a nap, we went to the MET. As much as I like the paintings, the coolest part was the knights' armor, followed by the furnature, followed by the mummies.

I also got to hang out with Lucie and Laurie. We went to Spumoni Garden in Brooklyn for some pizza. The sauce is on top! But it's pretty tasty. I felt like you could roll me down a hill afterward, but it was worth it. Next, since Laurie is the most squeemish person I have ever met, we decided to drag her into a sex toy shop.

And of course, since Dan's aunt's apartment is about a block away from the Dakota (where John Lennon lived) I had to take pictures and go across the street to the park and visit his memorial. There I met a hippie named Gary who puts flowers on the Imagine mosaic everyday and has for the last 14 years. It's not often some tells me something about the Beatles that I don't already know, but Gary managed to and therefore impressed me. Apparently Yoko Ono owns the whole top two floors of the Dakota. Around the top is Black wrot iron. There are 2 windows that do not have it, and that is the White Room, with his famous white piano.

My favorite event of the weekend, however, was making an ass of myself in front of Ice-T the rapper and his boob-tastic wife Coco. I was in FAO Schwartz looking at a display of the Nightmare Before Christmas toys, when Dan said "look over there". I turned my head and all I saw was MASSIVE fake boobs, then suddenly the whole display of toy coffins comes crashing down on my head. After I put the coffins back and regained composure, Dan said "did you see that?" and I said "yeah those boobs were ENORMOUS!" he said "but that was Ice-T and his wife! I turned around, and yes, they were laughing at me! AWESOME

some good news!

So....I'd always been not the greatest with money. In college, at the ripe old age of 18, someone thought it would be a good idea to give me a GTE visa, the same visa that everyone else on campus got! I used it in college like it was cash. I'd say "I'll pay for the whole dinner of 10 people, you all can just give me cash." Then instead of using that cash to pay the bill, I'd just buy something else. So, a couple thousand dollars later, I had a huge bill. Then after college, I negelected to pay the bill on time on more than one occasion, and my rate defaulted to the astronomical 31%. YIKES! And now finally, with a lot of hard work, that bill is down to $31.34. So for all intents and purposes it's paid off.

Now, I can start saving for that dream vacation!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

the last 5 years

in about 2 days, it will be the exact 5 year anniversary of my college graduation. i'm almost positive may 19 is the date....but anyway, it's been 5 years so i thought it would be a good chance to reflect on some of the things i've done/accomplished in no particular order

got a driver's license
owned 2 different cars (2 different gray jettas)
crashed each of those cars
this month is also the 2 year anniversary of my last crash
held 3 different desk jobs (modern continental, john hancock, morgan stanley)
had the same job for 3 years (morgan stanley)
got my first christmas bonus
moved to another state
learned to navigate a new city
moved in with my boyfriend
left behind a terrible boyfriend
lost 30 lbs (re-gained it and re-lost some of it)
got an apartment with friends
went to puerto rico twice
got 1 tattoo in san francisco (accompanied by infant annabelle)
pierced my tongue (and removed it)
pierced my belly button (and removed it)
pierced my nose (removed it and re-pierced it)
voted in 2 different states (MA and VA)

OK i can't really think of anything else noteworthy at the moment. some of those things are big (moving and losing weight) some are silly (the fender benders) and some are pointless (like the tongue ring) but i hope to do some bigger and better things in the next 5 years, such as...

buying a house
getting married
running without getting winded
losing more weight
getting a passport
actually using that passport
buying a dog
getting a good raise or getting a new job that offers more
getting a masters
paying off the rest of my credit cards
buying a new car

OK that should be it for now! wish me luck in the next 5 years :-)

Monday, May 14, 2007

All By Myself

I thought it would be nice to update my blog, but not much has happened that is worth updating about. Dan has been away for work in Rock Island Illinois, which is a military base on an island in the Mississippi River. I don't think he misses me much at all since his friend from work, Sean, is there with him. Dan and Sean have been spending their days pretending to work and nights playing X-Box and playing poker on a gambling boat in the Mississippi.
Meanwhile I have been catching up on girlie movies and foreign films. Saturday, I went to the DMV, watched the Red Sox on TV (the game was on because they were playing Baltimore), then had people over to play Guitar Hero on the play station. Yesterday, I spent the day at J Crew, which was surprisingly very busy on mother's day. Asside from time at J Crew, my nights are spent with the TV. I think I'd get very bored living alone.
The only good thing about Dan being away is that he can't wake me up with his snoring, other than that, I'd like to have him around.