Monday, December 31, 2007


Inspired by Jen, I'm going to make a list. Except, my list will be thing to do/accomplish in 2008
so here goes...

1. Update the blog regularly - I never think what I do is exciting, but someone might, right? I should also put pictures on it. Which brings me to....

2. Take pictures - I have a camera for a reason, but I don't take many pictures anymore. I should also find a sight to host them too.

3. Get in shape - I plan to get a personal trainer with my year end bonus money. Hopefully this will work! I've already spoken to the guy and we are going to set up a schedule after the new year. Ever since high school (which is now officially 10 years ago) my body has been in miserable shape. No matter what whether my weight is up or down, none of it is ever muscle.

4. Run a marathon - I've never been much of a runner, but if # 3 works out, # 4 should be less hard.

5. Eat less candy - I'm a sucker for sweets like hard candy, skittles, twizlers, etc.

6. Eat fish - the smell bothers me, so I refuse to eat it. I don't like the mushy texture. I hear it can be tasty and good for you, so maybe I should give it a whirl!

7. Get my licenses - my financial licenses, that is. I have the series 7 test scheduled for february, so we'll see what happens from there

8. Visit a place that requires a passport - it's been 27 years and I have yet to travel abroad. Maybe this will be the year!

well, it looks like that should be enough for now! hopefully some of it gets done :-)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I want it!

I want this sweater. It's a navy blue hooded sweater with a little skier on the pocket. Of course I will just buy it myself since it's from J Crew. But, I just thought I'd share because it's so cute :-)

Monday, December 03, 2007

another month goes by

another month goes by, another month in which i forgot to update.

This time of the year is pretty busy. Last week I was in Boston for Thanksgiving. It was nice seeing the family, especially the kids. It was also nice to see some friends.

Mostly, I've been trying to shop. For other people that is! Going in and out of stores makes me want to buy things for myself, but I haven't. I'd like a new dress for the company holiday party, but I've resisted. Christmas presents are kind of stressful. I can never figure out what to get and stay in budget. I hate feeling like I spent too much on one person at the expense of someone else.

Oh and I should get something for Dan's family. I REALLY don't know what to get them, even if I did have the money!

Anyway, tonight, we are going to look at a townhouse to possibly move in to. I hope this place works out.

That's all that's new with me!