Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stock Brokers are retarded

This is the office recycle bin. We never had one until yesterday. People have been bugging Mary, our office's do it all person, for one. Finally one appears. Mary sends an office wide email saying that ONLY empty beverage containers, like plastic bottles or aluminum cans can go in or they won't take the recycleables. What do we find??? Napkins and sweet & low packets. This memo went out not once, but twice. The original, and after the initial napkin violation.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Domestic!!!

I made lasagne! With directions from mom, I made "less bad for you" lasagne. It had wheat pasta, part skim ricotta and part skim mozzarella (jar sauce. i'm not that talented yet). I must say, it was pretty good. Dan liked it and so did his parents. You can barely taste the wheat under all the sauce and cheese. The cheese is also barely different. So, if you need lasagne, but also need to save some calories, try this!

I wouldn't recomend it if you are baking for a large group. When I told people at work about it, all but one were turned off by the wheat pasta.