Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Looks like I haven't updated in about a month. Not much, besides being older, has happened.
I'm pretty busy lately. Mondays there I have guitar lessons. Wednesdays, I work at J Crew. Fridays and Saturdays, I have my series 7 class.
Last night, however, I decided to join a gym. A girl that I work with at J Crew was telling me how she just took her test to be a persoal trainer at Bally's. She also mentioned that there is a brand new one near my house. So, I thought I'd check it out.
I decided to join and they give you a session with a personal trainer. I will say that I haven't worked out so hard in maybe 10 years. They are tough, they don't let you rest and they work your whole body. The nice thing is that they push you when you think you can't go on anymore. A couple times, I felt like I may throw up (I didn't)! On the way out, I could barely walk up the stairs!!!
Unfortunately, the PT is a little expensive. Perhaps I can save for it and do it after the new year. Right before Christmas is a little difficult, seeing as I have so many toys and cute outfits to buy. I've also decided to get Dan a watch since he doesn't have one.

But, if anyone wants to get me a PT package for christmas, I could do that!