Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brand New Car!

I bought a new car!!! It's a Honda Civic LX. Just like the one below, it is also blue. I'm not sure that it looks like the exact shade. I think mine looks more metallic. Either way, it's brand new. I drove it home yesterday, and when I got in it, it had 6 miles on it. It's pretty nice, it has 2 doors for the sporty look and it's a 5 speed manual. Civics also come in 4 doors, but I wanted a coupe. Next time I buy a car (in 5 + years), I may have kids and need to buy a mom-mobile (SUV, never a mini van).

A week ago, I almost bought a Nissan Sentra. I loved the Altima, but it was slightly too expensive to finance, and I didn't want to lease. I was THIS CLOSE to buying the Sentra, but the dealer was a horrible jerk. He was pushy and mean. I decided to walk out. The next day, I was feeling sad and decided to test drive a Civic and I was plesantly surprised. I liked the way it drove, so I put it on my short list, test drove it again this saturday and here I am on tuesday and it is sitting in my driveway.

I spoke to several people I know that own Hondas and not a single person had a bad thing to say. Many, like my co-worker Suzanne, have had multiple. She had 2 Civics and just bought her 2nd Accord last year. Dan, of course, was biased because he has a Pilot (the Honda SUV) and loves his car. Jackie has a Civic from 1989 and it still runs well. Her car is older than many college students!!!
Another plus is that the dealership gave me a coupon book for free oil changes and discounted scheduled maintenaces for the life of the car!