Monday, July 24, 2006

keep on truckin'

Today I checked in at Jenny Craig to find out that I'm down exactly one pound this week, which brings my total to about 12. Not bad I think.
My challenge this week is Jackie's visit. She'll be here Thursday night and leave then she's leaving Sunday. My plans are to take her into DC to see monuments and museums and such on friday, on saturday, go to King's Dominion (an amusement park) in Williamsburg on Saturday, and Sunday I'm not sure. Maybe shop at the outlets.

Also...This weekend I bought golf clubs. Very exciting. I went to the driving range and hit some balls. It's surprisingly fun. I never thought I'd like golf, but I went with Dan and now I like it a lot. I'm not as bad as I thought I would be for a beginner. Just call me Tiger!

Monday, July 17, 2006


On my weight loss journey, I have reached my first official benchmark and passed the 10 lbs mark at down 11.2. They also took measurements my first week. I'm down 2.5 inches in the waist/hips area, but NOTHING in the chest area. No surprise there. I'd be a DD even if I were the size of Nicole Richie. That would be pretty scary.
This is pretty exciting for me. I can't wait until I need new jeans! I really want a pair of designer jeans. I have a pair of Seven's because they are the only ones that fit, but I would like True Religions. They have cuter butt pockets.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fashion Don't!!!

Check out the foot on the left. I just had to post this because hose with sandals is the fashion "don't" that gets to me the most. The receptionist at my office is guilty of the crime every day. It looks terrible and gives me the shivers because I find it so foul. It kind of makes you look like you have webbed feet. Isn't the point of sandals to show your toes? My office doesn't have a policy that one must wear hose, so I don't see the point of this offense. If you don't like your toes, wear close-toed shoes!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

So...I am 25 years old. Inching toward 26 and I have never been out of the country. Well, actually, I've been to Canada and Mexico, but you don't need a passport to go there so they don't really count.
I've always wanted to travel. I always figured I'd go to Europe first. England, Italy, Germany...somewhere I'm somewhat fimiliar with. I would like to take this first trip with Dan, but since he's been everywhere, he suggested Argentina. Dan has been to 5 of our 7 lovely continents, not South America or Antarctica. At first I kind of thought "what the hell is in Argentina besides soccer and former Nazis?"
Well I started researching it, and it seems pretty cool. Buenos Aires is supposed to be the new "it" place to go. It's being called "the Paris of South America"

Argentina is also known for it's great seak houses, Mendoza wines, skiing in the Andes, and glaciers.
The place I'm looking forward to going the most is Ushuaia, also know as "the city at the end of the world". It's the small city at the very very bottom of South America in the Antarctic Circle. From there, you can also take a glacier cruise to Antarctica.

Anyway, I'm still planning and thinking about this, but I think it seems really fun and interesting