Friday, June 20, 2008

So far in 08

2008 is just about half way over. I thought I'd check on some of my new years resolutions. There were 8 of them

1. Update my blog regularly - I'm not entirely convinced that anyone reads this thing, so why should I update? Maybe I should adpot the mantra "if you blog it, they will read".

2. Take pictures - I've taken pictures, but haven't uploaded them on to a computer or found a photo hosting site. They are no good to anyone while they are still on the camera. My next order of business will be to purchase a photo printer. I realized that I have dated Dan for 4 years and have 0 pictures of us in a frame.

3. Get in shape - This one is semi-successful. I get to the gym between 3 and 5 days a week. I get on the treadmill, do some machines. However, I'm not the butt-kicking machine I thought that I would be. I did lose about 5 pounds. That's something, right?

4. Run a marathon - Not quite yet. I did run a 5K (3.1 miles), so that's just 23.1 miles to go. The max I've run in one sitting with no break is about 4 miles. That's about 3.75 more miles than a year I'm on my way. My stamina is better and I can run faster, which is good.

5. Eat less candy - I do love the sweets. Not gonna lie. I try to resist, but it's my achilles heel!!!

6. Eat fish - While I was at a wedding last week, I ate a bite of seared tuna. I knew I didn't like sea food for a reason. But, I'll keep trying on this one. Maybe tuna isn't for me. My only problem is that I don't want to go to a restaurant, order a fish and then want to vomit after 1 bite, and I've paid for the meal. Maybe we can go for sushi. Everyone loves sushi.

7. Get my financial licenses - I took the test once and failed. At least I took it. Brad, my co-worker who took the study course with me, didn't even do that. I'll take it again soon!!! It's a 6 hour test of rules and regulations and options and bonds. Ugh! Not fun.

8. Visit a place that requires a passport - This one is a big fat NO. Asside from visiting Boston, and NYC (places I usually go), I've only been to Orlando (to be stuck in the hotel/airport for work) and Vermont (for a wedding). Looks like this one will have to wait until next year, as my vacation time is at a premium and mapped out until the end of the year. Mom and I were supposed to go to France, but alas, the Euro has killed my dreams.

Perhaps some new goals for 2008?

I think a 10k: 6.2 miles would be more realistic than a marathon. As for my travel plans, it looks like Boston and exciting?! I hate that I spend all of my vacation time going home! I have 3 trips planned to visit and it will take all of my vacation time for the rest of the year.

On the bright side, 2008 hasn't been a total failure. Dan and I have been in his parents basement for 6 months (that is most definitely not the bright side), but what is: a ton of money has been saved!! I bought a brand spankin' new car. Financed not leased, so it's mine all mine. Another great thing is that we're going to start looking for a new house to purchase! A house of our very own. I can't wait!