Wednesday, January 18, 2006

end of the day. my ipod is broken, so I'm off to the mall to the Apple store to see if they can fix it. When I turn it on, it shows a sad face and tells me to go get help! Oh well...

Also, tomorrow should be time for the stitches to come out. It pretty yucky looking. I hope it doesn't hurt!

I'm going home for Annabelle's b-day. I miss her and the Jack and Michael and Danny. :-)

Friday, January 06, 2006


so yes, the inevitable happened. I got lost. So lost, in fact, that I ended up in MARYLAND. I was in the wrong state. I had been staying in Springfield at Dan's parent's house, but yesterday our bed came and we stayed in Alexandria for the first time. I went a different way to work. I take 495 to work. So DC is a little confusing and the highways basically make a circle around the city called the "beltway" and for a point 95 and 495 are the same. The signs said 95N/495W or 95S/495E. I figured Tyson's Corner (where I work) is north or where I live, so I went North. This was apparently wrong because I didn't recognize anything. By the time I had a place to turn around, I had crossed the Woodrow Wilson bridge into Maryland. So 495E and 95S are the same thing. Go figure. That was my lovely morning. Oh well, you learn and now I know better for monday

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Here in VA

Here I am in, still at Morgan Stanley, but in Vienna VA. I'm sharing an office with a guy named Jason, who is pretty cool. He's a HUGE football fan. Virginia Tech in particular. One thing I have noticed about living in the south is that everyone loves college football. So far so good at my office. They are a little more flexible with times when I come and go. It doesn't have to be exactly 9 to 5, it can be 8 to 4 or 8:30 to 4:30, which ever I choose. They like us to stay until 4 because that is when the stock market closes, but other than that, it's OK. I like that I can leave a little earlier than before.

As for our apartment, I haven't slept there yet. The water was turned on today, and our bed won't get there until Thursday. Yesterday we made fun Target and Ikea trips. We got a table and 4 chairs for $100.00 from Ikea. I know that seems a little cheap, maybe it will fall apart, but it's fine. We'll only have it for a couple years anyway. We got pots and pans from Target, all sorts of apartment stuff. The place isn't put together at all, we have 2 more chairs and the entertainment stand for the TV to assemble. There are so many little things I need, it all adds up and gets pretty expensive.

Once the apartment gets put together, I'll take some pictures and post them here.