Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Top Ten

Since Jen tagged me to do a top ten of my current favorites, I thought I'd be the good sister and do it. I'm not going to tag anyone in particular since I'm not really sure who reads my blog. And you are very wrong, mine are not more interesting. These are in no particular order.

1. fantasy football - so this year I was invited to join the fantasy football league at work. I've been researching all the players and as a result, I'm super excited for the upcoming football season. I don't think I've been this excited for football since I was 6 and wanted to be on the Patriots. Go Patriots!!!

2. stairway to heaven - my 17 year old guitar teacher, Ben, told me that you aren't an official guitar player until you can play "stairway". He's taught me how to play it and I feel cool. Although Dan probably hates it since it needs to be "perfect" and I keep playing it.

3. freaks and geeks - this show came out about 7 years ago and was way ahead of its time. I've been watching it on DVD and it's my new favorite show. It stars all the guys from "Knocked Up" and Marshall from "How I Met Your Mother." I wish it hadn't been canceled after one season.

4. perez hilton - this flamboyant gay cuban guy is a gossip blogger. He likes to make fun of Britney, Lindsay, and Paris, etc. It's fun and funny, so I read it every day. It's like my crack.

5. rilo kiley - is an indi band from California. They just came out with a new album a couple days ago. Their single "silver lining" is a great song. I've been listening to it non-stop. The girl from the 80's movie "troop beverly hills" is the singer!

6. running -as I've blogged about, I've been running (very slowly). My goal was to be able to go for 20 minutes without stopping and I've made it. Now I need to build on the speed thing, I'm sure it will come eventually. Next goal: MARATHON!

7. robek's - Robek's is the smoothie place near my house. They have great low calorie smoothies that taste like heaven. I get one each Saturday after guitar lessons. My favorite is called Big Wednesday which is some papaya/mango concoction.

8. the fall - the last third of the year from September to December is my favorite time of year. I love when the leaves turn colors and it's just a little bit cool out. It holds all the good holidays including my birthday, Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving is OK too.

9. lion boxers and fuzzy sweatshirt - last week i bought some girl boxers with lions on them and a fuzzy sweatshirt at J Crew. I actually bought Annabelle the same sweatshirt for Christmas last year, this year I had to buy one for myself in adult size (don't worry Annabelle, we have them in kids sizes again if you've outgrown yours!). Most comfortable outfit ever!

10. breathe right strips - Dan used to be the worst/loudest snorer until one day we were in the super market and I made him get breath right strips. Now he wears them to bed and he is virtually snore free, which means I sleep through the night.

whoever reads my blog should do this, and tell me you are doing it so I can see your list!