Thursday, October 26, 2006

off the plateau

so....for the past month and a half, i'd been plateaued in my weight loss. up 0.2 down 0.2 each week. no fun. but! this week, i was down 1.2! finally off my plateau, i hope. it seems as if all i talk about is my weight, so i think i'll talk about clothes.

i deal with clothes quite a bit. not just because i wear them every day (duh!) but because i work at a clothing store. sometimes i think about brands and trends and such. like this year, for example, the leopard print. very in. now i never thought i'd like the look, but i do, and why on earth would i want to spend money on this trend that has a short shelf life? i thought i'd like to have a pair of leopard ballet flats....but, do you spend the money on a nice pair or go for the cheap version. i went for this cheap Target version.

i sometimes wonder where you draw the line between quality and price. like these $775.00 Michael Kors boots. i like them a lot. they're nice and pretty and could go with a lot of outfits. but what makes these boots so special? is it that michael kors designed them? is it the fabric? the labor?
i also like this J Crew version. they're nice. they are minus the platform and the heel is lower, but other than that, pretty similar. and for $258.00 (or with my discount $103.00) they seem a lot nicer. they wouldn't be bad boots to have. i'm sure they'd hold i guess after all this rambling, my question is this:
i know sometimes we get what we pay for, but at what point are we just paying extra for the name?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Diamonds are a girl's BEST friend

So imagine all this stuff being yours! You'd probably be a go-jillionaire because these are all heirloom peices at the museum of national history. The second one down is the Hope Diamond. I don't remember which the others are, but they're nice, and even nicer in person.

Anyway, this weekend I'm very excited because The Nightmare Before Christmas is playing in 3D at theaters all over the country. I originally planned to go Saturday night after work, but it is Dan's Aunt's birthday and we have to go do that. Sunday he said "well, i'm watching football" But I'm making him go if I have to go to his Aunt's birthday.
Halloween movies are fun!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Before & After

or should I say after and before. The picture on the left is of me from this weekend at Lauren's wedding. I'm wearing my last minute emergency dress because the dress that I had picked out (and loved...and loved the $66 price tag) was TOO BIG in the chest area of all places. This dress was nice and it seems like something I can wear again. Overall I had a good time at the wedding. I'm not really a fan of the bubble church, but it's her parish, so that's OK. The reception was nice. The Hyatt at the airport had an awesome view of the Boston skyline.

It was really nice being home, asside from the sucffle with Eleanor the Evil. I got to see Annabelle and Jack after my encounter with the Evil, so they brightened my day. The leaves have already turned up north, so everything was so pretty.

Anyway, the picture on the top right is me on the day before I started Jenny, 15.6 pounds ago. Pay no attention to the outfit. I was just lounging around at home on a Sunday, but I really think you can tell the difference. I'd like to wear a size 6 or 8 even. Right now, I'm a 10 in J crew clothes. I'm not sure if they run big, but they're the only pants I've purchased recently. On top, I'm still a size large shirt. I don't think that would change unless I had surgery. It's the curse of Auntie Katie I suppose. Overall, I'm happy with the way things are going. During the last month, I haven't actually lost any weight. I've had visitors, 2 weddings, and my birthday. It was something different each week that involved CAKE! I do love cake, but it's time to start being a little strict again. I've figured out how to maintian, but now I need to lose that last little bit. I'm going to treat myself to 2 non-Jenny dinners a week so I don't go crazy. Their lunches and breakfasts don't bother me at all, but for some reason, dinner is when I want better food, so twice a week I will either cook or go out.

That's all for now, but I will post again soon