Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm off!

Thursday, Dan and I will be going to Puerto Rico (again). He claims this is the only vacation that we can afford (since we have a place to stay and and a car to drive, we only have to pay for air fare). While we're there, his grand mother will be there the whole time and his aunt will be there the first night.

Even so, I'm sure this will be a good time. Their apartment is a block from the beach. Thursday, after we get there and say hi to grandma, I plan to go to the beach and then Dan's aunt is taking us out for a nice dinner (his b-day is Friday, he'll be 28).

For his b-day on Friday, I plan on getting him a professional massage at a spa. I've had real massages from someone who was in training at massage school. And that was great. I can't imagine how one from a real professional is. Then I'm going to take him to a restaurant called Dragon Fly, which my friend Elina suggested from when she went to PR. It's a Latin/Asian fusion place. Could be good.

The rest of the time, I'm not sure what I'll do, but it will include being in warm weather!